Feedback & Priase from my clients

What Clients Are Saying

Here is what clients have said about working with me on a private retreat, in psychotherapy, and coaching

“Life changing and healing are two expressions that seem to be overused but for me they are the words that best explain how I feel after this experience. I came with a story that felt unsafe to share with anyone for fear of harming the helper and those involved. Kelsey sat with the story, being my strength and my safe place to say all that I needed to say. She let me be cared for vs being the caregiver. Kelsey shared her wisdom and vast knowledge to help me work through my story and then help me let go of all that was not mine to carry. I came home so much lighter, I felt like I could trust people again and I could share my story and receive support from those around me. The work with Kelsey was so intense, so immersive and exactly what I needed. I’ve come away with many new skills and curiosities that have opened all kinds of new doors. I’m still working on things, but I no longer feel alone in the process as I’ve been able to enlist help from my natural support system. I see the beauty in my world again. This was the best and most useful money I have ever spent, and it was the most important thing I could ever invest in…. me. Thank you, Kelsey, for all that you are and what you bring to this work. We are so much better for knowing you.”

-nikki, british columbia


“In the days leading up to my retreat with Kelsey, I felt completely and entirely broken. I’d been working with a therapist weekly for over a year, and though I’d made significant progress, my PTSD symptoms still ran rampant and impacted me physically, emotionally, mentally and professionally. Working with Kelsey helped to open up parts of me that had been locked away for the majority of my life. After my three day retreat, I’m going home with a newfound understanding of my emotional processing style, an enthusiasm for developing a mindfulness practice, and tools to help me cope in my most difficult moments. I will be forever grateful for my experience with Inner Circle, and I’m facing the future with enthusiasm and wonder rather than fear as a result.”



"The multi-modality of treatments fit my personality perfectly and I emerged after 3 days with very usable tools. Each and every healer you'll meet on this retreat will be unlike any other you've experienced. Daily meditation and yoga set the pace for each day, which was delightful. Kelsey gently lead me through my own maze, not allowing all of my 61 years worth of mind games to interfere with the work I needed to do. She is a gift to the healing world."



"I’m going first going to start off by saying how amazing Kelsey is. I recently went to Santa Fe to meet her and to participate in a private 5-day retreat. When I left home the day before my retreat started I felt like a scared insecure child going to school for the first time. I had never been on my own for any length of time. Kelsey made my retreat so amazing! She is personable, understanding, caring and has the warmest heart for helping women on their healing journey. As Kelsey and I were talking, whether it was sitting, walking or through art therapy, she was always so connected to me and what I was feeling at the moment. She pushed me as I pushed myself to explore the unknown. Her gentleness through the unknowns made feel supported. I knew this was my journey but she had my back to help get me through. I feel so blessed to have found Kelsey and Inner Circle. I have truly left my retreat with a new me. I’m stronger, happier, and know that all I accomplished while I was there are my tools and my awesome road map ahead. I would recommend Kelsey over and over again she truly is one of a kind."



"Your commitment to helping people heal and make life altering changes in their lifestyle to promote gratitude and happiness was impressive. You ensured that I have the tools to better manage my emotions. I’ve incorporated the tools your provided me into my life and can already tell that positive change is occurring. Kelsey, you are an exceptional healer who is also quite inspirational. I was so impressed by you, your compassion, your thoughtfulness and your insight. You have a genuine gift."



"My experience working with Kelsey was by far the most enlightening experience of my life. She is so knowledgeable, passionate, and attentive. Kelsey truly customizes each retreat to meet the needs of her clients. She is quick to adjust the schedule and change the plan to meet the ever changing needs of a client on a transformational journey. Kelsey’s personal experience makes her able to share from a place of understanding without over expressing her own thoughts. She is kind, thoughtful, and able to connect on a deep level. Kelsey strives to tailor the experience to meet her clients expectations. I am so blessed to have met her and look forward to working with her in the future. She is a true gift!"



"The experience I had working with Kelsey was indescribable. She is amazing, caring, professional, vibrant, knowledgeable, understanding, open and genuine. The execution of her practice is like no other and her approach is extremely effective. I couldn't be happier with my choice to embark on this journey and am 100% satisfied with the results of my retreat."



My Inner Circle Holistic Healing Retreat far exceeded my expectations. In terms of healing and personal growth, it was profound. Kelsey has found a way to offer several different healing modalities in a personal and peaceful setting. Her insight and expert guidance helped me see the full healing potential within myself. She is truly a special healer. I received a lifetime worth of healing work in a few short days all while feeling supported and spiritually nurtured.



"One night, when everything seemed like it was coming to an end, I started to finalize what I thought would be my good-bye. The next morning after waking up from drinking my sorrows away I felt compelled to do one last outcry for “help”. I emailed Kelsey at Inner Circle laying it all out there with my story in hopes she would see it soon. An hour later Kelsey reached out to me for a phone call to talk directly to me; which I must admit I was hesitant and nervous. Not only did Kelsey make me feel safe and secure with my thoughts, she went the extra mile to squeeze me in for a 3 day retreat. I can tell you that you will NOT REGRET your choice to do this journey with Kelsey and the Inner Circle Healing Retreat experience. Santa Fe was just the icing on the cake towards my journey to heal. The food was delicious and my little adobe hideaway was very relaxing. Kelsey guided me through a my treacherous cancer battle which I had 29 rounds of radiation that traumatized me more than I realized. There are no words to describe the art therapy we did together… I can honestly say I would have never been able to heal from that without her!!! Kelsey, thank you for being my light during the darkest time of my life. I know have the strength and mindfulness to get through my days and do what I do best, save the world one child at a time as a Crisis Intervention Counselor!!"



“When I reached out to Kelsey at Inner Circle I was at a low point in my life. A series of events had led me slowly but surely down this path. Things I could not change. I felt desperate for peace.  I felt empty inside and the pain in my mind and heart were becoming my constant companion. I woke up with it and fell asleep with it. The only time there was any relief was when I was actively engaged in an activity that simply would not allow it.  I could not imagine what could be done to help me. I am by nature a “mostly full glass” individual and I had tried everything I knew to lift myself above these feelings. Kelsey has built a “better mousetrap”. After a week with her protocol I felt immense relief. The tools I learned and I’m still practicing has allowed me once more begin to embrace life. I thank you Kelsey.”



"Kelsey is amazing. In my retreat, we cleared and/or identified a major block within the first day! Her work is so effective, I've been able to keep working on releasing certain emotional blocks related to the past. I highly recommend you take the time to heal yourself and let Kelsey guide you through the process! She knows what she is doing!"



“Namaste my new friend. If you are here, you are seeking answers to your journey and growth for your soul. I spent three of the most difficult but liberating days of my life learning and forgiving with a true healer. Kelsey has a soft and gentle spirit that helped me look inward and behind to understand where and why I am. All the answers are inside you and she will guide your walk in a positive direction. Enjoy your journey.”



“I was searching for a private, holistic retreat incorporating yoga and meditation. I was so blessed to find Kelsey and have the opportunity to work with her as my retreat guide.  She choreographed the perfect combination of healing services to meet my needs every step of the way.  The magical setting of Santa Fe, the nurturing Ayurvedic practices and foods, art therapy, hiking, and other activities resulted in a rich experience to kick off the self care I needed to for a much needed restart in my life.  My one-on-one retreat with Kelsey was so impactful, I scheduled a follow up retreat with my daughter as a mother-daughter bonding experience and to expose her at a young age to the power of self care and spiritual and emotional wellness. Kelsey has a calm, supportive demeanor and the ability to listen, empathize and adapt to her clients' needs.  Her high level of emotional intelligence and access to a wide spectrum of local resources are the perfect blend to guide clients through the process of reflection, self-awareness, and healing.”



"Kelsey is the best of the best. The retreat was very eye opening and helpful. I learned many new techniques that are helping my everyday mental health. Santa Fe is such a pretty and relaxing place--perfect for a healing retreat! After 6 years of conventional mental health care, Kelsey has helped me more than all that together in just 5 days. Kelsey is so easy to talk to and very understanding. Worth every minute and every penny! I highly recommend Inner Circle Retreats. This is the one that helps. Psych hospitals cheated my family for years. I felt extremely safe with Kelsey. I knew that if I needed anything she would do her best to help. She is so understanding and helpful. I am so lucky to have found her!"



"This healing retreat is exactly what I needed. Kelsey is very intuitive, caring, professional, knowledgeable, understanding, and a light for those seeking change. She uses multiple modalities to meet the clients’ needs, so you can get the most from your retreat. The other healers that work with Kelsey were also amazing, and furthered my healing during the retreat. Kelsey gave me tools that will help me continue my healing at home, along with materials to read that will help me understand and use those tools. One of my favorite parts of the retreat were the meditation sessions. The mediations helped me to open up to the process and discover things about myself that I hadn’t realized before. It seemed in my work with Kelsey that the universe was aligning, and started me on a healing path that I could continue at home."