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Private Holistic Healing Retreats

one-on-one Retreats for Womxn

For womxn, who are seeking alternative and immersive mental health care, my private holistic healing retreats are retreat-style psychotherapy intensives that provide effective and long-term treatment benefits unlike weekly traditional psychotherapy or larger treatment centers can.

Spend three to five days in Santa Fe, New Mexico (aka the “Land of Enchantment”) on a private, one-on-one, holistic healing retreat guided by me, Kelsey. That’s right—this is a solo retreat! A time and space designed specifically for you and your healing process, using holistic psychotherapy, art therapy, mindfulness, and many other holistic modalities. 

After 6 years of conventional mental health care, Kelsey has helped me more than all of that together in just 5 days. Kelsey is so easy to talk to and very understanding. Worth every minute and every penny! I highly recommend a private holistic healing retreat. This is the one that helps.
— Cora, Texas

The method

Core Components to a Private Retreat

let’s break it down



Integrating the mind, body, and spirit. This retreat embodies holism in many ways. In the psychotherapeutic work, we’re not just looking at the presenting issue(s) but how these are being influenced on the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Mental health is not just “mental”. Our mental health can be effected, both positively and negatively, via our diets, lifestyle, movement, spirituality, environment, and more.

Art Therapy

A relatively new modality within the field of mental health, art therapy can provide another outlet for self-expression and processing emotions, experiences, and even trauma that sometimes cannot be communicated on an oral level. The best part of all is that no experience or artistic skill is required—it’s just about the process not the product. Clients will be guided through directives specific to their presenting issue(s) or concerns, using a variety of mediums.


It’s no mystery that we live in a very busy, fast-paced world. Research increasingly proves the importance and healing benefits of practicing mindfulness, especially when it comes to mental health. On your private holistic healing retreat, you will be guided through a daily morning ritual and guided meditation practice. Throughout the retreat, clients are also taught tools and skills to build mindfulness around emotional tolerance and emotional awareness.

Working with Kelsey helped to open up parts of me that had been locked away for the majority of my life. After my three day retreat, I’m going home with a newfound understanding of my emotional processing style, an enthusiasm for developing a mindfulness practice, and tools to help me cope in my most difficult moments.
— Meghan, Pennsylvania


Who, what, & where

Who This Retreat is For:

  • Those who identify as a woman and of the age 18 years or older.

  • Those feeling stuck in life and who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, process addictions, codependency, love and sex addiction, attachment disorder, or trauma.

  • Those ready for a deeply personal, transformational, and cathartic healing experience.

  • Someone who is ready for change and to find long-lasting healing through holistic modalities.

  • Someone hungry for the knowledge to heal your own life and empower yourself.

When Can I Come
on a Private Retreat?

Private holistic healing retreats are available to book year-round on a first come, first serve basis. Retreat dates can only be officially reserved with a deposit payment.

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Supporting local Women

Holistic Healing Services

How community can heal

You may notice below that some of the packages offered include “Holistic Healing Services”. These are specialized, holistic healing modalities provided by women who live here in Santa Fe and who have their own practices. Each one has something unique to offer. The benefit of having these services is to enhance your private retreat experience and the intensive work we do together. It’s also a unique way to expose yourself to a variety of healing modalities and perspectives. You can learn more about each of these services and the women providing them on the Inner Circle Community Page.


Current services That can be included in a private Retreat



Private Holistic Healing Retreat
Pricing & Packages

Half of the retreat tuition is due up-front as a non-refundable deposit. The remainder of your
tuition is due a day prior to your arrival. Payment plans are also available.


*Tax not included.

Taking the next steps


Booking Your Private Holistic
Healing Retreat

want to learn more or ready to book?

A brief and free phone consultation is required prior to booking a private holistic healing retreat. This is a way for me to answer any questions you may have, learn more about each other, and see how I can best support you.